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Super Paradise Beach


Super Paradise Beach

Experience a party heaven on earth

Visit Super Paradise Beach, one of Mykonos’ world-famous beaches, and immerse yourself in a party heaven. Known for its pulsating vibe, Super Paradise is the place to forget about responsibilities and indulge in premium celebrations of life that last from noon to sunrise.

Jump into azure waters

Super Paradise’s sparkling waters and sandy shore create an awe-inspiring scenery that pleases both your eyes and soul. Before the party kicks in, take a refreshing swim in its azure waters and appreciate the natural beauty surrounding the beach. Check out the snorkelling schools to explore Mykonos’ intriguing seabed, or get some action going with a wide range of water sports available.

Indulge in premium flavours

Apart from its legendary party lifestyle, Super Paradise boasts a variety of top-grade bars and high-end restaurants. Treat yourself to flavorful culinary delights and cap your lunch with some refreshing drinks and cocktails. Head to the trendy beach bars and experience what partying on Greece’s most cosmopolitan island feels like.