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Mykonos Yacht Day Trip Guide

Mykonos Yacht Day Trip
Mykonos Yacht Day Trip Guide

Opt for a luxurious Yacht Day Trip and explore Mykonos’ gems. Live an authentic, sumptuous Mykonian sailing experience and get to learn everything about the must-visit locations of Greece’s most cosmopolitan island. Read our brief yet complete Mykonos yacht day trip guide and discover picture-perfect beaches and party-heaven spots.

Prepare for an unforgettable yacht day trip and indulge in the luxury and comfort of Dolphin Navigation Mykonos cruises. Board on a state-of-the-art catamaran of your choice and trust the experienced skippers to sail you along Mykonos’ magnificent coastline.

Just kick back and relish the succulent snacks and refreshing drinks served onboard. Let your mind wander above the azure waters of the Aegean and cherish the bright Greek sun. Before you even notice, you’ll experience Mykonos’ most treasured attractions.

Mykonos Yacht Day Trip

Find a detailed Mykonos beach-hopping itinerary

Mykonos boasts an ample variety of scenic beaches with transparent, gleaming waters.

  • The first stop of your Mykonos yacht day trip has to be the popular Ornos beach. Ornos has a resort-like ambiance, and its sky-blue waters call for you to take a jump in.
    Sail to the renowned Psarou, Mykonos’ trendiest beach. Snorkel in its transparent waters and explore the vivid seabed. Luxuriate in delectable gastronomic flavors at premium restaurants or treat yourself to some high-end fashion at the nearby boutique stores.
  • Reach Platys Gialos, a beach that caters to any of your desires. Dive into its teal waters and enjoy the vibrant sun while sipping your cocktail. If you seek action, keep in mind that on the beach, you may find a diving school as well as schools for water skiing and windsurfing.
  • Continue towards the sophisticated Paraga Beach, and enjoy its sparkling shallow waters. With fine sand, watersports available, sunbeds, and umbrellas for rent, it makes for an ideal family escape.
Mykonos Yacht Day Trip

Party in style in the pulsating Paradise and Super Paradise beaches

Your Mykonos yacht day trip wouldn’t be complete without a stopover at the vibrant Paradise and Super Paradise Beach. Jump off the top-notch catamaran and set foot on world-famous beaches, known as Mykonos’ party-heaven spots on earth.

  • Have a revitalizing swim in Paradise’s azure waters and sunbathe to absorb the warm, luminous Greek sun. When the night takes over, prepare for a lively partying experience at the luxurious beach bars until the first morning hours.
  • If you want to explore another Mykonos’ seabed, head to the chic Super Paradise beach for an adventurous yet safe snorkel. Take some time to unwind on its golden beach and indulge in the exquisite flavors of the area’s high-end restaurants.
Mykonos Yacht Day Trip

Sail to Delos, Mykonos mythological and archaeological island

Wherever you drop a pin on Greece's map, you’ll discover a myth hiding in “plain sight.” The tiny island of Delos is one of these places and one of Greece’s most significant ancient heritage islands. Fill your heart and mind with myths and travel back to the time of heroes and gods.

In Greek Mythology, Zeus himself emerged Delos from the sea and anchored it to the bottom of the Aegean. Two ancient Greek deities were born here, Apollo, the god of light and dance, and Artemis, the goddess of hunt and wilderness. Want to know more about it?

What to visit:

  • The legendary monuments of the Temple of Artemis
  • The House of Dionysos and the Pythion
  • The House of the Naxians and the Ancient Theater
Mykonos Yacht Day Trip

Discover Mykonos virgin islets, Rhenia & Skinos

Right next to Delos, you will find Rhenia and Skinos, two Cycladic islets with a thousand-year-old history. Discover secluded coves coated with thin, shiny sand, and jump in mesmerizing waters.

  • Rhenia’s history starts almost seven thousand years ago, back when Delos was Cyclades’ spiritual center. Amble through the mainland to discover the Greek temples and the tombstones of ancient heroes that took their last breath fighting on its shores.
  • Skinos, also known as “Blue Lacuna,” will take your breath away. Stroll along its scenic coast and take a moment to let your mind wander in the vast blue horizon, a view that blurs the limits between the sea and the sky.
Mykonos Yacht Day Trip

Choose Dolphin Navigation and revel in a luxurious and convenient Mykonos Yacht Day Trip

Board a luxury sailing boat and get cozy in one of the best Mykonos yacht day trips. Meet your experienced crew and sail to Aegean’s picturesque beaches. Use the snorkeling equipment provided onboard and explore Mykonos’ vivid seabed.

Tailor your Mykonos sailing itinerary to your desires and unravel the island’s majesty with a yacht trip that meets your needs and expectations. Explore the wide variety of Dolphin Navigation Mykonos cruises and pick the one that suits you best.

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