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Discover the Virgin Rhenia Island

Rhenia Island
Discover the Virgin Rhenia Island

Find out why Rhenia Island in Mykonos is secret heaven on earth. Choose a luxurious yacht trip and visit the awe-inspiring Rhenia Island.

Prepare for an unforgettable yacht trip to one of Greece’s most majestic places, Rhenia Island. Just a few miles away from the pulsating Mykonos and the historical Delos, this heaven on earth awaits for you to discover its natural gems.

Opt for a luxe day cruise to Delos & Rhenia and conveniently reach Rhenia’s unspoiled golden beaches. Ramble on fine sandy shores and jump into transparent waters for a revitalizing swim.
Keep reading to unravel Rhenia’s secret gems!

Rhenia Island

Experience an unforgettable trip to Rhenia’s virgin beaches

Boasting four of the most unspoiled beaches in the Cyclades, Rhenia’s scenic coastline is a natural allure. Visit the picture-perfect beaches of Glyfada, Stena, Lia, and Ambelia and stroll on their golden coasts. Relish the magnificent view and take stunning photos on the sun-kissed shore.

Jump into emerald, sparkling waters for a rejuvenating swim or snorkel to explore the vivid seabed of the Aegean. Rhenia Island in Mykonos is a hidden treasure and a well-kept secret amongst the locals. So buckle up and prepare for a local experience on a private -or semi-private- boat trip to one of Greece’s most picturesque islets.

Rhenia Island

Discover Rhenia’s thousand-year myths and monuments

Rhenia island was first inhabited almost seven millennia ago, when Delos was Cyclades’ spiritual center. As no human was allowed to be born in Delos, the birthplace of the Olympian gods Apollo and Artemis, pregnant women were transferred to give birth in Rhenia.

Wander through the mainland and discover the tombstones of fallen heroes that once fought on Rhenia’s shores. Stand for a moment and let your mind travel back to an era of myths and legends while you appreciate the natural sky-blue background of the Aegean sea.

Rhenia Island

Relish a short and convenient sail to Rhenia from Mykonos

Board a top-notch catamaran, and enjoy a luxurious sail from the world-famous Mykonos island. After all, Rhenia is only a few miles away, making the trip a fast and comfortable experience.

Kick back and pamper yourself with refreshing drinks and delectable snacks served on board while you relish the cool breeze of the Aegean. Reach the scenic Rhenia Island in no time and indulge in its breath-taking beaches and crystal-clear teal waters.


Visit Delos’ famous archaeological site with ease

Rhenia and Delos are separated with a small strait that almost eliminates the sail distance. Choose a luxe day cruise to Delos & Rhenia and experience a unique Mykonos yacht day trip. Hop on a state-of-the-art catamaran and reach Rhenia from Delos in the blink of an eye.

Marvel at Delos’ renowned archaeological site, a place of major significance for Greece’s ancient heritage. Stroll through the imposing worship temples to discover the island’s intriguing mythology and let your mind and soul absorb its otherworldly ambiance.

Discover the Virgin Rhenia Island

Opt for Dolphin Navigation to experience a luxurious and comfortable Mykonos cruise

Revel in a customizable Dolphin Navigation Mykonos cruise to experience a hassle-free sailing trip to Delos & Rhenia. Embark a top-notch catamaran of your choice and trust the experienced skippers to sail you along Rhenia’s captivating coastline.

Use the snorkel equipment provided on board and dive to explore the Aegean’s vivid seabed. Revel in the unlimited refreshing drinks and flavorful snacks and relish a cozy sailing trip to Mykonos most picturesque and out-of-the-beaten-track island.

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