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Delos Day Trip from Mykonos

Delos Day Trip from Mykonos
Delos Day Trip from Mykonos

If you’re planning your vacation in Mykonos and you’re looking for places to add to your bucket list, then you shouldn’t miss out on visiting the nearby renowned yet naturally striking island of Delos.

Opt for a luxurious Delos day trip from Mykonos and enjoy a convenient entertaining sailing experience to the island that will time travel you back to an era of myths, gods, and heroes.

Buckle up and get ready to discover the five reasons why you need to organize a yacht day trip to Delos. After all, a vacation in Mykonos wouldn’t be complete without such an excursion!

Delos Day Trip from Mykonos

Discover one of the most significant archaeological sites

Delos is one of Greece’s most significant ancient heritage islands. It’s covered with marble monuments, worship temples, and imposing statues that radiate the ancient Greek spirit & culture.

UNESCO protects the entire island as a World Heritage Site - a fact that highlights its archaeological importance and uniqueness.

Stroll through the archaeological sites and take the time to stand and appreciate the beauty and virtuosity of ancient Greek architecture.

Delos Day Trip from Mykonos

Unravel Delos’ mythological events and stories

Reach Delos and set foot on the ground that Olympian gods once walked thousands of years ago - as Greek mythology recounts.

Delos is where Apollo, the god of light and dance, and his sister Artemis, the goddess of hunt and wilderness, were born in, making it one of the most literally “divine” and sacred places in ancient Greece.

Stroll around the city, let your mind wander back to the time when Delos was Cyclades' spiritual center, and experience its otherworldly ambiance in person.

Delos Day Trip from Mykonos

Explore Delos’ awe-inspiring ancient monuments and temples

Wherever you direct your gaze in Delos, you’ll see well-preserved ruins or gracious temples and monuments standing proudly, telling tales of ancient times for more than two millennia.

Walk around the places where people once gathered to worship the gods and ask for oracles. Stand for a moment and let your heart and mind absorb the magnificent view of the ancient ruins.

Top 5 historical monuments not to be missed while visiting Delos Island:

  • Temple of Delians
  • Temple of Artemis
  • House of the Naxians
  • Quarter of the Theater
  • Terrace of the Lions
Delos Day Trip from Mykonos

Enjoy a smooth and luxurious Delos day trip from Mykonos

Visit Delos swiftly and conveniently from your vacation destination: the world-famous, cosmopolitan Mykonos island.

Delos island in Greece is located right next to Mykonos, making the sailing trip a fast and comfortable experience that you can’t miss.

Choose the luxurious yacht day trip that best caters to your needs and desires, and set sail to Delos from Mykonos. In no time, you’ll be admiring a breathtaking landscape boasting ancient Greek architecture and sculptures.

Delos Day Trip from Mykonos

Sail easily to the virgin Rhenia islet

Apart from Mykonos, Delos is right next to the virgin and scenic islet of Rhenia. Reach Rhenia in the blink of an eye and stroll on its secluded beaches, coated with ivory-white sand.

Stroll in its scenic sandy coast and dive into its azure waters to cool off after soaking up the bright Greek sun.

Observe the sunbeams crushing the sea’s surface, and let your mind wander. It’s an islet that will take your breath away.

Delos Day Trip from Mykonos

Choose Dolphin Navigation and book online your yacht trip

Indulge in a luxurious and convenient Delos day trip from Mykonos with Dolphin Navigation. Trust the experienced skippers and hop on a top-notch catamaran to visit the archaeological island hassle-free. Choose the Mykonos yacht day trip that suits you best and experience Delos.

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